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Get in before 2 June 2022. Closing Ceremonies on 26 June!

Introducing: Make DeFi Better, an entire ecosystem focused on responsible and sustainable DeFi. Whether it’s deign, or safe stable gains, Make DeFi Better has you covered.

As of 26 May 2022, the Phoenix Games is LIVE! This event is exclusively for Millionaire’s Club Members and provides investors up to 15% returns in month one 👀 (10% is guaranteed, depending how you play the game!) just for holding your MDB tokens. On top of the guaranteed returns we have $1000s in tokens to giveaway and legendary NFTs coming soon! You don’t want to miss the opportunity… Check out the Discord here for more information.

What is the Phoenix Games?

The Phoenix Games entails three parts: rewards, giveaways and our first venture into NFTs!

How do I qualify for rewards?
You are automatically entered into the Phoenix Games if you are a Millionaire’s Club Member. You will be earn a % of rewards for every week you are in the Phoenix Games, payable after the closing ceremony on the 26th June 2022.

You can join MC at any point in the games, but you only accrue rewards from the week that you join… ie. you could join on 25 June and you would earn 4% as you joined in Week 4. Rewards will be calculated as a% of your total MDB holding at the closing ceremony.
Week 1 (Ending 2nd June 20:00 UTC) — 1%
Week 2 (June 9th) — 2%
Week 3 (June 16th) — 3%
Final Run (Ends 26th June) — 4%

You will accrue a % of your final holdings, dependent on your joining date. Example — Join the MC before the 9th June, earn 9% in MDB Tokens at the closing ceremony.

What is the Game!?

You may ‘gamble’ (optional) 50% of your rewards as part of our game called 50/50. All MC members entered into 50/50 will either gain or lose an additional half of their accrued rewards. This means your rewards for 4 weeks membership, could drop to 5% or jump to as much as 15%.


Can I be excluded? Yes, if you drop below the membership requirement at any point during the game, you will be excluded from the games. Those that were double dropped at launch and have not returned the extra tokens, are also excluded.

Can I buy and sell? Yes, the reward % is accrued based on when you joined the MC. The reward will be calculated based on your total holdings prior to the closing ceremony of the games.

Is there a minimum or maximum rewards? Yes, we guarantee a minimum of 50m tokens will be distributed, $209,000 in value at the time of writing. There is no maximum reward pot, if the price x5 in the next 4 weeks, we would distribute over $1m to the MC. Note: The Maximum reward per holder is 1.5m tokens.

What if I have multiple wallets? Only one wallet per holder is eligible, the one registered for MC. This is to prevent unfairness/the system being abused.

Will recent sellers have mega FOMO? Yes, we recommend those that dumped large bags since launch, use our mental health guru for support in these trying times. 😍

Giveaway at the end of each period

2x $500 of MDB will be given away to MC members, selected at random at the end of each week. 🔥 🔥


There will be 3 Legendary NFTs minted for the Phoenix Games:
- One will be auctioned to the highest bidder
- One will be given to a MC member, randomly selected, at the closing ceremony
- One will be deposited into the Trust Fund as an investment

Will these 3 NFT earn rewards? No, the Legendary NFTs are separate and unique to the 500 Fierce Phoenix Club NFTs. While they will be a similar theme, they will have an inherent value at sale, due to rarity and the fact they are complete one-offs.

How do I join the Millionaire’s Club and enter the Phoenix Games?

If you’re just entering the MDB ecosystem, then there is a required purchase of 130K MDB (Or whatever the updated threshold is at the time of purchase — pegged to $500 USD and updated periodically) that must be made after 6 May 2022 to gain access into the Millionaires Club (Can be in multiple transactions). An automated process will manage the role assignment. This means if your wallet drops below the minimum holding of 130K MDB your role will automatically be de-assigned.

The process is to raise a ticket in the discord verification channel which is now a 1–1 process sharing your transaction(s) so that one of the team can validate your transaction and give you the appropriate role. For additional information about the Millionaire’s club and requirements check the discord post below and Medium article about all the benefits of the MC on MDB.

If you’re here and reading this, you’re still early!!

MDB is the future of DeFi, providing a token with Perpetual Growth that is Mathematically Proven, a Unique Trust Fund Generating High Interest, and Liquidity Backing. The Millionaire’s Club is just one more in a long line of innovations providing value to MDB Holders!

Buy MDB via PancakeSwap or Bogged — Contract: 0x0557a288A93ed0DF218785F2787dac1cd077F8f3

MDB+ is available on PancakeSwap or you can buy using the contract itself. Contract Address: 0x9f8BB16f49393eeA4331A39B69071759e54e16ea

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MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing a unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth.