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4 min readJul 14, 2022

Today, 14 July 2022, marks a great milestone in the MDB journey to make each holder a millionaire. Today is the launch of Xenia, Phoenix+, staking and more. It marks the beginning of huge additional value for MDB holders. It adds a wealth of value, particularly in terms of passive income, to an already thriving protocol.

It’s happening just as the core team and CEO of the project has told us all along. The team keeps meeting all milestones and completing the RoadMap on time!

Check out this tweet from James Pelton today…
“How come I don’t hear anyone talking about @MDB_DeFi? When I look over the last 90 days, nothing in my portfolio has done better including HORDE.. AMA coming up with @CEO_MDB on Saturday :)”

What is Xenia?

Xenia is MDB’s complete financial suite, which is accessible through a dApp from the website, it allows investors to earn in numerous ways:

  • Staking
  • Bonds
  • Farming
  • Appreciating Stable Assets (see Currencies)
  • Reward Providing Utility NFTs

Single Staking

30 Day lock up, 5% fee for un-staking early. Pays in MDB and does auto-compound.

Farming MDB-BNB

5 Day lock up, 5% fee for leaving early, pays in MDB. Both earn a % of taxes as rewards as well as the latter receiving rewards for providing LP also.


Tax free buy, minimum 10 BNB, only one bond can be purchased per 24 hour period in total. Tokens are vested for 60 days. Essentially a large, tax free MDB purchase.

It’s live now!! Check it out here

What is Phoenix+?

Phoenix+ is essentially a more aggressive, gamified version of MDB+, offering the chance for high rewards.

The idea is to take your profits before The Inferno automatically cashes you out. The Inferno is an event, that when the APY starts to flatten (see chart below), every holder of Phoenix+ will be cashed out. You can buy back in immediately if you wish. Like MDB+, Phoenix+ APY is driven by volume, and thus The Inferno helps to push the APY of Phoenix+ up.

Taxes are 2% in and 2% out, with a further penalty of 2% if you are cashed out, to make the most of Phoenix+, you would cash out at the last moment before The Inferno happens. Of course, The Inferno won’t be completely predictable, it could happen at any point from when the APY flattens.

Maximum 6% loss risk (this is unlikely) but potential to earn 5–15% APY (estimated) per month if played right. You can be cashed out of your investment by The Inferno at any time, but the rewards for holding will be significant. If you sell, you receive BUSD, if you are cashed out by the Phoenix you will receive MDB+.

How to buy:

To buy: you can send BNB to the contract to get the equivalent in Phoenix+. To sell: send Phoenix+ to yourself to receive the equivalent in BUSD.

Phoenix+ will also be available to purchase on Xenia (launched today)

Taxes: Buy = 2%; Sell = 2%; Transfer = 2%

Forced cash out via The Inferno pays in MDB+ (note the extra MDB+ tax)

Total tax in and out = 4%

If you are cashed out = 6%

CHECK MDB YT PAGE HERE for more informational videos


Liquidity is currently backed just under 600%. There has been a super healthy few days chart/Trust Fund wise and the MDB token remains hugely undervalued (particularly with the Yield Nodes/EMP Partnerships and the ongoing bonuses they bring to the ecosystem, plus future partnerships are set to announce soon!). We talk about liquidity backing a lot, it’s become a bit of a buzz word within Make DeFi Better, as it’s been one of the main ‘slogans’ since day 1, but it’s important to look at other metrics too. In actuality, when looking at other ratios, the MDB Trust Fund backs the Market Cap nearly 50%, which is huge, and it’s just as important to look at this ratio too when considering the health of a protocol. There are very few (if any) DeFi projects with the backing ratios that MDB has right now, so this is further proof that MDB is undervalued!

If you’re here and reading this, you’re still early!!

MDB is the future of DeFi, providing a token with Perpetual Growth that is Mathematically Proven, a Unique Trust Fund Generating High Interest, and Liquidity Backing. Xenia and Phoenix + is just one more in a long line of innovations providing value to MDB Holders!

Buy MDB via PancakeSwap or Bogged — Contract: 0x0557a288A93ed0DF218785F2787dac1cd077F8f3

MDB+ is available on PancakeSwap or you can buy using the contract itself. Contract Address: 0x9f8BB16f49393eeA4331A39B69071759e54e16ea

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