$MDB is pumping and XENIA is giving; plus the team has fully doxxed!

This is a comprehensive update that provides a full update on the MDB ecosystem. PLUS… check the MDB Token & XENIA Cheat Sheets at the end of the article.

The XENIA dApp has been live for two weeks (launched on 14 July 2022) and is performing flawlessly. Holders of MDB, MDB+ and Phoenix+ can now buy, hold, stake, farm, and bond their tokens directly on the dApp website>>> app.mdb.fund. Currently at a 2.5x since launch and aiming to 10x by the end of the year! This is just the start!



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Make DeFi Better - MDB.fund

MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing a unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth.