$MDB is doing it again… if you’re not there, you’re missing it

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3 min readJul 1, 2022


Make DeFi Better is an entire ecosystem focused on responsible and sustainable DeFi. Whether it’s deign, or safe stable gains, Make DeFi Better has you covered. The MDB token launched just over a month ago and the team continues to build a path for successful DeFi investing. Check out the Discord Here or our other Medium articles to learn so much more about how you can become an MDB Millionaire…

The core team continues to build at an incredible pace for MDB investors, so we wanted to share everything that’s been going on behind the scenes with the MDB Team. The MDB ecosystem continues to grow and the Discord Community is a great place to start learning about this outstanding DeFi investment opportunity.

Firstly, I wanted to share a little something that we don’t shout about enough, some alpha for you all.

When you invest into Make DeFi Better, whether that be in MDB, MDB+, the NFTs, Phoenix+ or Xenia when they launch, you’re essentially buying a share in a growing business. AND RIGHT NOW YOU’RE EARLY!

MDB is more than a DeFi ecosystem. The core team has been working on huge partnerships behind the scenes, that will push MDB into the future of Make DeFi Better.

What’s so special about these partnerships?
Well, when we can reveal who they are with, and what they involve, it will be clear why they’re pretty decent for the protocol. That aside, they mark the beginning of a new era of DeFi. MDB is building a complete business services end of Make DeFi Better, SYNERGY SOLUTIONS, that offers DeFi-as-a-Service to other projects, thus growing the MDB ecosystem exponentially. These new partnerships mark the beginning of yet more utility and growth within our ecosystem to push MDB forward. THE TEAM WILL HOLD AN AMA TO REVEAL ALL THINGS RELATED TO SYNERGY SOLUTIONS: you don’t want to miss it, but you need to get in the DISCORD now to learn everything about this project…

Secondly, these are not promises of future utility. These are already happening, with new partners confirmed and more in discussion, and you will start to see this impact already.

Other Updates

1. We have of course completed the Phoenix Games, with all of the participants ending the games better than when they started. We are here to help you build wealth, gradually and sustainably, and the Phoenix Games has added a world of value for all members. Airdrops are completed with all participants earning between 6%-19% in the month of participation!

2. NFTs. At the request of the community the NFT drop has been delayed and will confirm the new date, but it will be next week.

3. X E N I A. Our Dapp and Financial Suite is looking very nice. Staking, earning and more are yours for the taking very soon. We will keep you updated on progress, as we will not launch until it is perfect. (It very nearly is, but you can’t rush perfection, right?).

4. Phoenix+ is coming as promised, another way to grow that net worth.

5. MDB Infinity — this is still in our roadmap, and is being built, but the team is timing cautiously due to the market. They want to make the best moves for the MDB investors at all times.

The future is bright.

If you’re here and reading this, you’re still early!!

MDB is the future of DeFi, providing a token with Perpetual Growth that is Mathematically Proven, a Unique Trust Fund Generating High Interest, and Liquidity Backing. The Millionaire’s Club is just one more in a long line of innovations providing value to MDB Holders!

Buy MDB via PancakeSwap or Bogged — Contract: 0x0557a288A93ed0DF218785F2787dac1cd077F8f3

MDB+ is available on PancakeSwap or you can buy using the contract itself. Contract Address: 0x9f8BB16f49393eeA4331A39B69071759e54e16ea

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Make DeFi Better - MDB.fund

MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing a unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth.