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4 min readJun 6, 2022


Make DeFi Better is an entire ecosystem focused on responsible and sustainable DeFi. Whether it’s deign, or safe stable gains, Make DeFi Better has you covered. The MDB token launched just over a month ago and the team continues to build a path for successful DeFi investing. Check out the Discord Here or our other Medium articles to learn so much more about how you can become an MDB Millionaire…

What We’re Building — Roadmap Update PLUS SOME ALPHA at the end & Let’s Discuss Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in MDB! 🔥 🔥

The MDB ecosystem rewards the Millionaire’s Club a lot (if you aren’t a member, seriously, why not?! Lol) and rewards are consistently given out to members who engage in the community and promote the protocol. The CMO recently decided to personally reward one of the general holders as part of Phoenix Games!! The MDB community is second to none and MDB is what it is because of the community of active investors and they are appreciated.

What’s Coming Next…

We will start with the ALPHA as we know that’s why you are really here… The core team will soon be announcing some juicy information around Xenia (our Financial Suite) and MDB Infinity at our House of Obsidian AMA on the 10th June! <<<(Discord link HERE) >>> You do not want to miss this…

Carrying on…

We have over 12,000 Discord members and just over 3000 holders which is okay and the team encourages everyone to absolutely take their time to invest in something that you know will make you money. But, believe me when I say, what MDB is building is designed to make you money.

Let me explain why:

1. MDB as a token has held it’s own after launching in an extremely tough market. Many people thought we should consider delaying launch, and of course that didn’t even account for the Terra Luna situation… Hyper deflation has always been how MDB works — and it IS working. The price floor is rising, which means the buy backs and burns are working exactly as intended from Day One. Our liquidity backing sits comfortably at around 500% and our Trust Fund has remained strong. MDB, as a token, is doing what it is meant to.

2. While MDB could be considered a degen play (while still relatively solid in actuality) MDB+ is a solid investment for those that would like to hold some funds in something a little less volatile. There is no other farm or pool in the market that offers over 100% APY with rewards in a stable token (in our case — BUSD). We do expect the APY to become more reasonable as time goes on and would expect double figures comfortably, which still beats the market for stable farming. Reminder: MDB+ cannot go down in value.

3. We have further stable backed assets launching soon along with MDB Infinity and Xenia. Make DeFi Better will have you covered from all angles. Your degen side, your sensible investor side, and the part of you that sits somewhere in between the two. With Make DeFi Better, you won’t need to find other protocols, we are building the only DeFi ecosystem that you need, or want, cough.

4. You see DeFi shift and evolve, as ‘trends’ come and go and both investors and project teams learn how to make a better DeFi. We are leading the revolution. What we are building is both sustainable and responsible. MDB is here to stay. Our ecosystem has longevity even in the harshest of markets, imagine what it would do in a true bull market.

5. Extra alpha!! Our first ever exclusive collection of 500 NFTs will offer lifetime rewards to holders. Yep, you read it right, lifetime rewards. We are here with one purpose, Make DeFi Better.

If you’re here and reading this, you’re still early!!

MDB is the future of DeFi, providing a token with Perpetual Growth that is Mathematically Proven, a Unique Trust Fund Generating High Interest, and Liquidity Backing. The Millionaire’s Club is just one more in a long line of innovations providing value to MDB Holders!

Buy MDB via PancakeSwap or Bogged — Contract: 0x0557a288A93ed0DF218785F2787dac1cd077F8f3

MDB+ is available on PancakeSwap or you can buy using the contract itself. Contract Address: 0x9f8BB16f49393eeA4331A39B69071759e54e16ea

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Make DeFi Better -

MDB is an innovative and original DeFi token on the BSC network, utilizing a unique Capital Synergy mechanism to ensure long term, perpetual growth.